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[x]Name: Britta Mathis
[x]Age: two weeks, 18
[x]Location: ugh..Tennessee
[x]8 Bands: Blink,Coheed,LP,AFI,Hoobastank,Hot Hot Heat, The Used, Dashboard
[x]Last Show Attended: LP,Hoobastank,POD,Story of the Year
[x]Describle you/your style in a sentence: just me. I wear what I want.. It doesn't matter what brand as long as I like it and its comfortable
[x]What other communities are you a member of? hotpants182, i forgot the others :/
[x]Why should we add you? Because I'm great ;D
[x]Post a min. of 3 pics: 

 I'll have to give you the pics later.. it confuses me.. I'll have to get my friend Donna to do it for me :p   byebyeautumn <--thats her if you want her to join too ;D 

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